TrueSight Content Pack for Cloud Foundry

Version 1
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    BMC Software announces the release of TrueSight IT Data Analytics Content Pack for Cloud Foundry. This content pack can be used to analyse Cloud foundry applications and components log data.


    Data can be sourced to TrueSight IT Data Analytics from Cloud foundry using "Receive Over TCP/UDP" data collector type. For Application data use application drain over syslog and for component use Syslog adapter.


    It contains following entities:


    Data Patterns:


         1. Cloud_Foundry_App


              - Data pattern for applications logs deployed in Cloud foundry


         2. Cloud_Foundry_Infrastructure_Components


              - Data pattern for Infrastructure component logs of Cloud foundry environment


    Saved Searches:


         1. Cloud Foundry - Diago Cell


              - Finds all logs related to Diago cell component


         2. Cloud Foundry - Diago Brain


              - Finds all logs related to Diago brain component