RKM approval troubleshooting

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    Remedy Knowledge Management Application


    Remedy Knowledge Management Application


    None of my approvals are working or being sent to approval central. I have disabled auto approval and enabled Level ALL. They still will not make it.


    Troubleshooting knowledge approvals can be a big task, but knowing what to do and how they work are critical to find a root cause faster. Typically this is what you will see with approvals and how to fix them.

    • Article is set to publish approval and reverts to draft
    • Article is set to publish approval but the article stays in publish approval phase
    • Auto approval is disabled and the articles are still auto approving
    Article reverts to Draft:

    If an article is set to publish approval and it reverts to draft this means the chains are working. The problem with this is that it cannot find "An active functional role" of Knowledge Approver.  
    • Check your approval mappings
    • Verify the approval chains (if custom) are set correctly
    • Follow the guide found here Working with Knowledge Approvals
    • If setting up approvals by support group. Please follow the KB listed here 000148486
       Article is stuck in publish approval:

    If an article is stuck in publish approval typically the issue is around the following  
    • Approval chains are not set up correctly. See the out of the box set fields for the approval chains
    ArtcielStatusEnglish = Published
    Approve_Request = Publish
    Approve_Result = Approve

    ArtcielStatusEnglish = Draft
    Approve_Request = Publish
    Approve_Result = Rejected

    ArtcielStatusEnglish = Draft
    Approve_Request = Publish
    Approve_Result = Cancelled

    ArtcielStatusEnglish = Draft
    Approve_Request = Publish
    Approve_Result = Error

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    • Approval filters are not actually enabled. Verify the following in developer studio
                          User-added image  
    • Verify that enable muti assign groups  is enabled in the AR Admin console. In 9.1.03 this is a required functionality for approvals to work. If you feel that you need to have this unchecked you can utilize the attached hotfix Autoapprovefix9_1.zip. Please keep in mind that any patches or updates you will need to reinstall this "fix"
       Article is auto approved even if auto approval chain is disabled  
    • Disable the auto approve filter as seen above
    For more information please see the following: 
    Ash's guide to Knowledge Management
    BMC Remedy Knowledge Management Approvals

    **Please keep this article updated for knowledge approvals** 


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