Sept '18 Survey Feedback FAQ

Version 3
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    Thank you for participating in BMC Communities Feedback Survey, Sep'18. More than 600 of you responded to us. Based on your public (200+ comments on the blog ) and private feedback, we identified certain key topics of concern and prepared this Survey FAQ to help you achieve more with BMC Communities.

    Let's get started...

    01: Searching on BMC Communities

    • Q: How is search functionality designed on BMC Communities?
      • A: Most of you are familiar with the search features offered by google and apple devices. Our search experience is inspired by elements from both. You can use quick and easy spotlight search (magnifying glass icon on top right) capability which is very similar to Mac, where you can even use Boolean methodology to add operators. So you start community wide (just like google does) and can narrow down to a specific community if you wish; it cannot be set to other way around. This is also combined with 'social search', wherein search results are weighted based on your social activity, i.e.results with higher social relevance to you are given higher ranking. Read the following answers to know more!
    • Q: How can I advance search?
      • A: When you key in your search query, we recommend you to not press enter, the results would start populating automatically (with infinite scrolling). Should you choose to still press enter, wanting to go to advanced searching, you can do so and be able to filter content by the place it was published, author, content type (blog, document etc.), when it was last modified & more. Also, you can Build Queries to Optimize Search Results (Advanced Level) on BMC Communities.   (question asked by Wilhelm Pettersson)
    • Q: How can I only search with a given product community?
      • A: Thank you for asking this question Tracey, this might also be helpful for Matthew. To get search results on for a specific community, please go to your product community, in this case, Track-It! and click the 'search' icon. After you type in your search query, select "click here to only show results for Track-It!" to get focused results.


    Key resource: How To: Master Guide on Searching on BMC Communities

    02: Using BMC Communities on Mobile

    • Q: Can you use BMC Communities on a mobile browser?

    • Q: Can you engage on a content from mobile?
      • A: Yes. Though this was a known limitation in the past, it has been fixed since early FY19. You can now create discussions and reply to them from your mobile browser.

    03: Ideation

    • Q: Does my idea already exist?
      • A: Regarding duplicate ideas - when you create an idea, the form will display similar ideas which already exist in the community, using the keywords that you input (just like google type-ahead suggestions while searching). Another tip to avoid duplicate ideas is to use the idea search feature incorporated in the ideas page - this will return existing ideas and you can make a call to upvote an existing idea or to create a new one. For e.g. you can see the idea search bar here for Remedy ITSM community.
    • Q: Why didn't my idea make it into my BMC product?
      • A: BMC does it's best to push your ideas in production, like Ideas Delivered in Remedy by Peter Adams & team. However, BMC cannot guarantee that they will be added to the product roadmap as we must balance community input with our strategic direction. Whenever this topic comes up in customer discussions, we always emphasize that the Ideas community is an important source for our release planning, but not the only source. There's many other factors that influence the scope of a release, including, but not limited to: primary research (user observations), customer 1:1 discussions, competitive market situation, or company-wide initiatives.

    Key resource: Ideas FAQ

    04: Finding Answers & Overall Content

    • Q: How can I easily mark content for later use?
      • A:T. D., on any content, click on the bookmark option on the right rail. You can later view all the bookmark items by hitting the search icon and clicking on bookmarks. This would help you in saving key content for later read. Just make sure you are logged in to Communities.
    • Q: I am unable to find answer to my question?
      • A: Go to the comments section of your question and ping the key product community again by @mention-ing their name. This would notify the community and also your content would re-appear on the recent activity tile on the landing page. Increasing your chances of getting noticed by product experts drastically.

    05: Knowledge Articles

    • Q: Can I add a comment on Knowledge Articles?
    • Q: Can we have a standard structure for a knowledge articles. e.g: applicable versions or platform?
      • A: Very valid question,Jamsheer, We use loose structure for knowledge articles, where the Applies To field contains details of applicable product version and the product platform.  That makes it easy to capture, add and modify versions.  We decided against having a very structured or multiple-field way of storing the information because there would be many fields that often have blank values or not relevant to the article. These information, if missing from the content body, should mostly be available in the categories or tags section on the bottom of the KB article.
    Key resource: FAQs on Public Knowledge Articles on Communities

    06: Partner Communities

    07: Miscellaneous

    • Q: Why do I need to to log in separately from support to communities even though it is the same information?
      • A: Anthony, if you are logged in to support, you should not be required to login to communities in the same browser session. For any further clarification, please reach out to Vishnu or Puja.
    • Q: Why is communities slow today?
      • A: If you find communities behaving slow (content loading is slow -Sherwin), try clearing browser cache and re-logging to communities. If the issue persists, please flag it to us by creating a discussion in Using Communities.

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