Sample CMDB Syncmapping extension pattern for BAI_Application

Version 9
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    How to get Started creating CMDB Syncmapping Extension patterns:  Getting Started creating a CMDB Syncmapping Extension pattern

    Info about custom patterns and syncmappings, how to test, etc:  Helix Support: Discovery custom patterns discussion

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    Sample patterns and syncmappings posted by Lisa:


    DISCLAIMER: Samples provided on the communities are only examples to be tested by the customer on a TEST system.  

    Adding additional data to the CMDB may adversely affect the AR Server and CMDB performance.      

    Swim at your own risk.





         Compatible with Discovery 11.3.

         How to change for other versions:

             To be compatible with other versions, the "import" statement version (2.4 - underlined in the custom pattern) may need to be revised


    Base Pattern:

            module:  CMDB.BAI_Application

            file:  BAI_Application.tpl


        Base Pattern fragments, for reference

    Custom Pattern


    tpl 1.12 module CMDB.Extension.BAI_Application_augment;



        origin := "Customer";

        tree_path := "Customer", "CMDB Sync", "BAI_Application";

    end metadata;


    // the versions shown on the below "import" statement(s)

    // can change with different versions of the TKU, and/or with different versions of Discovery

    // The version number(s) below should be compatible with Discovery 11.3

    from CMDB.BAI_Application import BAI_Application 2.4;


    syncmapping BAI_Application_augment 1.0


        This pattern modifies some attributes of BMC_Application CI's.


        Discovery has some BusinessApplicationInstance (BAI) nodes (usually created by SAAM or CAM)


        Those BAI nodes are related to "Host" nodes, either through a SI, or a direct relationship.


        When you sync a Host node (with related BAI) to the CMDB, then this extension pattern gets triggered after the base BAI_Application pattern is triggered.


        The BAI_Application pattern creates a BMC.CORE:BMC_Application CI in the CMDB.

        This pattern can extend or revise the data on the BMC.CORE:BMC_Application CI.


        local variables explained:

            bai = BusinessApplicationInstance node in Discovery

           application_ci = BMC.CORE:BMC_Application CI in CMDB



            tags CMDB, Extension;

        end overview;


        mapping from BAI_Application.bai as bai

        end mapping;




            application_ci := BAI_Application.application or BAI_Application.md_application;          


            if not application_ci then

                log.debug("BAI_Application_augment 1: No application_ci. Exiting BAI_Application_augment.");


            end if;


            log.debug("BAI_Application_augment 2: BAI name is");


            if not application_ci.ManufacturerName then

                application_ci.ManufacturerName := "BMC_UNKNOWN";

                log.debug("BAI_Application_augment 3: I have set application_ci.ManufacturerName to %application_ci.ManufacturerName%");

            end if;

        end body;

    end syncmapping;




    4/29/2020, v2 of the pattern is attached.