Sample CMDB Syncmapping extension pattern for BAI_Application

Version 5
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    See:  Getting Started creating a CMDB Syncmapping Extension pattern



         Compatible with Discovery 11.3.

         How to change for other versions:

             To be compatible with other versions, the "import" statement version (2.4 - underlined in the custom pattern) may need to be revised


    Base Pattern:

            module:  CMDB.BAI_Application

            file:  BAI_Application.tpl


        Base Pattern fragments, for reference

    Custom Pattern


    tpl 1.12 module CMDB.Extension.BAI_Application_augment;



        origin := "Customer";

        tree_path := "Customer", "CMDB Sync", "BAI_Application";

    end metadata;


    // the versions shown on the below "import" statement(s)

    // can change with different versions of the TKU, and/or with different versions of Discovery

    // The version number(s) below should be compatible with Discovery 11.3

    from CMDB.BAI_Application import BAI_Application 2.4;


    syncmapping BAI_Application_augment 1.0


        This pattern modifies some attributes of BMC_Application CI's.


        Discovery has some BusinessApplicationInstance (BAI) nodes (usually created by SAAM or CAM)


        Those BAI nodes are related to "Host" nodes, either through a SI, or a direct relationship.


        When you sync a Host node (with related BAI) to the CMDB, then this extension pattern gets triggered after the base BAI_Application pattern is triggered.


        The BAI_Application pattern creates a BMC.CORE:BMC_Application CI in the CMDB.

        This pattern can extend or revise the data on the BMC.CORE:BMC_Application CI.


        local variables explained:

            bai = BusinessApplicationInstance node in Discovery

           application_ci = BMC.CORE:BMC_Application CI in CMDB



            tags CMDB, Extension;

        end overview;


        mapping from BAI_Application.bai as bai

        end mapping;




            application_ci := BAI_Application.application or none;                   


            if not application_ci then

                log.debug("BAI_Application_augment 1: No application_ci. Exiting BAI_Application_augment.");


            end if;


            log.debug("BAI_Application_augment 2: BAI name is");


            if not application_ci.ManufacturerName then

                application_ci.ManufacturerName := "BMC_UNKNOWN";

                log.debug("BAI_Application_augment 3: I have set application_ci.ManufacturerName to %application_ci.ManufacturerName%");

            end if;

        end body;

    end syncmapping;