Object does not exist in Social2  DB (1003) Error in Digital WorkPlace

Version 14
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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    Applies to 1805, 1808


    After Upgrade to DigitalWorkPlace 1805 when user logs in we noticed error "Object does not exist in Social2"

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    We noticed this error on fresh installed 1808 system also.



    NOTE: After passing of each step below please restart DWP Tomcat Service.

    The error indicates DWP Social is not working. To verify is social is working or not check if you get response to 

    1) Check if below option is present or missing in your DWP Tomcat
    • For Linux OS at setenv.sh
    export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dlogback.ContextSelector=JNDI"
    export CATALINA_OPTS="$CATALINA_OPTS -Dorg.springframework.boot.logging.LoggingSystem=none"

    • For Windows OS  at DWP Tomcatw.exe under  Java configuration Tab.

    If missing, kindly add the same and restart DWP Service.
       This is essential for social to work.

    2) If above present already or you still notice issues after adding it please also add below further,

    Add -Duser.timezone=GMT option to the DWP Tomcat setenv.sh (for Linux  OS) and  DWP Tomcat8w.exe Java configuration Tab (for Windows OS)
    The above parameter is for timezone and this is specific to the JDBC driver.

    3) If all above exists and still challenges.

       Check if the social.xml file exists in DWP Tomcat location.
    •       Path For Windows:  xxxx\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\MyITTomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost\
    •       Path For Linux:        /opt/apache/tomcat/conf/catalina/localhost

    If social.xml file is missing in above tomcat location then, kindly copy the social.xml file from below to the above tomcat location 
    •       Windows:  xxxx\Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\DWP\social2
    •       Linux:       /opt/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/DWP/social2

    Reason for missing social.xml: 
    •       This can be an issue if customer have upgraded Smart IT as well in the same environment.
    •        In other words running SmartIT installer after DWP installer during upgrade, can cause the social.xml file missing.
    •        The workaround is to take a backup of social.xml file and restore it manually after the upgrade, if Smart IT and DWP are running on the same server. 

    4) If HTTPS is configured for DWP Tomcat Server kindly modify Tomcat/conf/server.xml with adding additional HTTP connector to connect DWP to Social:
        <Connector address="" connectionTimeout="20000"
                     server=" "/>

    Update Tomcat/external-conf/connect-dwp.properties to point social to that port 9002:
    # Social connection settings
    social.server.protocol = http
    social.server.host = localhost
    social.server.port = 9002
    social.user.autocreate = false


    a) We recommend not to use https for social service, which uses localhost connector and its not exposed to the outside.
    b) If you are going to use https: you'd need to create the certificate against the hostname (NOT FQDN, it means, not to use the domain) generate a valid certificate for that server.

    We have a defect
    DRIIT-28663 it’s better to configure Social for http port with additional connector

     5)  Check if tables at DWP_Business or DWP_System with the suffix CHANGELOGLOCK are locked or not.
    If any of this table is locked then please unlock this by Running query below, this happen if Social (Tomcat) process was killed or suddenly interrupted.  As example:


    6) If above does not help and if this is fresh install of DWP of 1805 or 1808 kindly check and confirm if your DWP Business User Schema or DWP System User Schema has & symbol in the password.

    If yes then this is a known Defect # DRIIT-32270 where social does not start after fresh install was executed with "&" symbol in the password of the user`s schema because in social.xml different parsing of this symbol from dwp.xml.

    Example of the difference:

    For ex. when user filled in "P&ssword" during install in dwp.xml will be = "P&amp;ssword"
    in social.xml = P&ssword

    To resolve the same update the password in social.xml file “P&amp;ssword" and restart DWP tomcat.  

    NOTE:  The social.xml file is an XML document, and therefore it obey the syntax and semantic rules of XML.Using a plain "&" character in XML does not conform, social.xml file is broken.
    More details refer https://www.w3.org/TR/xml/#synta

    7) Post all above changes if issue exists then please send BMC Support below details,
    -Enable DEBUG for Social and send Social logs along with all logs from tomcat directory while replicating the error
    -dwp.xml file , social.xml file , smartit.xml(if exists), connect-dwp,properties files


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