BSA: How can I use the blcli to delete a object like a Job or Depot Object ?

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    How can I use the blcli to delete a object like a Job or Depot Object ?


    Most of the Object Namespaces (Job, DepotObject, Template, etc) have a deletion command: <JobType> deleteJobByGroupAndName or Template deleteTemplate.  For example: DeployJob deleteJobByGroupAndName.  Check the blcli documentation first to see if there is already a delete command available.

    If the namespace for the object type does not have a delete command you can use the following sequence of commands to delete the job:

    get the object type id of the job using the model type string of the job.

    blcli_execute Utility convertModelType <model type string>
    or look up the object type id in the   Object Type Id table

    get the DBKey of the object:  
    blcli_execute <object namepace> getDBKeyByGroupAndName "/Workspace" "MyThing" blcli_storeenv objKey
    call the delete command using the DBKey and the Object Type Id you retrieved from either the blcli call or the documentation page.  
    blcli_execute Delete deleteModelObjectAndDependentObjects ${typeId} ${objKey}
    For example, I have an UpgradeModelObjects Job at   /Workspace/MyJobs/MyUMOJob that I want to delete: 
    blcli_execute UpgradeModelObjectsJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "/Workspace/MyJobs" "MyUMOJob" blcli_storeenv jobKey blcli_execute Utility convertModelType POLICY_UPGRADE_JOB blcli_storeenv typeId blcli_execute Delete deleteModelObjectAndDependentObjects ${typeId} ${jobKey}



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