Unable to Create Atrium Integrator Job Schedule

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy 8.x and 9.x



    1) Job Schedule is not being followed by the Atrium Integrator Job
    2) Unable to create a new Job Schedule as the after hitting "Save" the Schedule is not reflecting



    Analysis and Solution
    - Tried creating a new Schedule and found that no entry was getting created in "AR System Job" form
    - Captured the Filter Logs and found the following Error
    <FLTR> <TID: 0000000362> <RPC ID: 0314475174> <Queue: Fast      > <Client-RPC: 390620   > <USER: bmc_vnadar                                   > <Overlay-Group: 1         > /* Mon Oct 22 2018 16:39:44.5210 */ ERROR (8755): The specified plug-in does not exist.; ARSYS.ARF.REPORTSCHEDULER
    - Checked and found that the plugin "ARSYS.ARF.REPORTSCHEDULER" was not up and running and due to the fact that the plugin was missing in the default pluginsvr_config.xml file
    - In ar.conf, the plugin ARSYS.ARF.REPORTSCHEDULER was configured to run on Port 9999 however the there was a separate reporting pluginsvr_config.xml configured to run on 9991
    - Updated the Plugin ARSYS.ARF.REPORTSCHEDULER to run on 9991 in ar.conf and restarted the Reporting plugin (9991)

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