How can I track assignment of incidents and report on this?

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    I want to be able to track active assignments of incident records through its process. How can I do this on current open incident tickets?


    First lets understand some out of the box behavior

    On the assignment log form you can find the below information:
    - If you receive assistance from someone else, you can also keep track of their time through the Incident Assignment Log.
    - The Incident Assignment Log contains a record of who created the current incident request as well as individual records for each group and person who was subsequently assigned to the request.
    - Each record contains the total effort duration for each assignee (that is, the amount of time each group or person worked on the incident request), as well as other information.
    - Because the Incident Assignment Log is historical, it does not contain a record for the current assignee, only for previous assignee.
    - The system updates the Incident Assignment Log with a record for the most recent assignee each time the incident request is reassigned.
    - When the incident request is moved to the Closed state, the system writes the final assignee record to the Incident Assignment Log.
    - You can also update the amount of time you spent working on an incident request after it has been assigned to another assignee.
    - You cannot delete a completed assignment log.

    Knowing this here is the workaround I came up with.

    During the process of incident resolution assignments are tracked through the audit logs as well as seen in the below screenshot

    User-added image

    Knowing this information it is possible to create a custom report to report of the form



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