BMC Helix Remedyforce - How to Add a URL Link to an Incident, Task, Change Request, or Problem Email Template Allowing Staff to Click the URL and be Taken Directly to the Referenced Record in the Remedyforce Console - INCLUDES VIDEO

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      How to Add a URL Link to an Incident, Task, Change Request, or Problem Email Template Allowing Staff  to Click the URL and be Taken Directly to the Referenced Record in the Remedyforce Console.




      1. Log into Remedyforce as an administrator
    2. Click your username | Setup | Under App Setup Expand Create | Expand Workflow & Approvals | Click Workflow Rules.
    3. Click the Rule Name of the Workflow sending the Notification to the Staff.
    4. Under Workflow Actions Click the Description of the Email Alert action.
    5. Once the Email Alert opens click the name beside email template.
    6. Click Edit HTML Version.
    7. Add one of the following URL's below by copying and pasting it to the body of the communication template based on the related object notification:

    Link to Incident:{!BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c.Id}&objectName=Incident__c

    Link to Task:{!BMCServiceDesk__Task__c.Id}&objectName=Task__c
    Link to Change Request:{!BMCServiceDesk__Change_Request__c.Id}&objectName=Change_Request__c
    Link to Problem:{!BMCServiceDesk__Problem__c.Id}&objectName=Problem__c

    NOTE: "na14" will need to be replaced with the SFDC instance where you org is installed. So look at the URL of your browser you should see NA and a number. This number is the instance your org is on and it will need to replace the 14 in the examples above.
    NOTE: If your domain is setup, URL should be like below (replacing "<DomainName>" with your current domain name)

    Link to Incident with Domain:

    Link to Incident with Domain hiding the Salesforce instance name:

    NOTE: If you are using Lightning Experience use below URL (replacing "<DomainName>" with your current domain name)

    Link to Incident in Lightning Experience 
      Link to Task in Lightning Experience 

    Link to Change Request in Lightning Experience 
      Link to Problem in Lightning Experience 
      8. Click Save.
    9. Verify when staff users receive the email and click the URL they are directed to the appropriate record in the Remedyforce Console.

    NOTE: If Remedyforce is configured to use SSO, additional configuration by your SSO vendor will be required to automatically log users in using the SSO URL.
    1.If SSO is enabled and user is already logged in the system, then user clicks on Incident url (from email / or direct url).It will get opened in new tab.No settings required.
    2. If SSO is enabled and user is not logged in the system,then user clicks on Incident URL ,It will show the login page with Button.You need to click on the button to open incident.

    Please refer the below doc for SSO settings and check the section "Configure a domain for Service Provider Initiated login":

    See link to: Added URL to Email Template


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