Remedy - D2P - How to patch a New Server in already patched Server Group Environment using D2P

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    Remedy AR System Server


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    How do I use D2P to patch a New Server in a Server Group Environment that has already been patched.

    Use Case:
    - Environment with 2 AR Servers in Server Group.
    - Both Servers are on 1802 i.e. 9.1.04 patch 2.
    - Adding a New AR Server to this Server Group.

    Problem Area:
    You are not allowed to simply redeploy and only apply the patch to a single server
    - In this case, you would connect to Server 3 directly and try to deploy the D2P patch 2 package.
    - The Single Point Payload deployment reads all 3 servers are part of deployment.
    - This forces the User to run the arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat on each server again.
    - Deployment Fails with 'Unique Index Error' on 2 Servers as they are already patched.
    - User is forced to rollback the patch on 2 AR Server and then re-do the deployment on all 3 Servers part of the Server Group.



    Using the following steps, we can control the deployment on only the New Server added to the Server Group:

    1.  Ensure that the New Server is added to the Server Group. 
    2.  Open   AR System Monitor Form in browser through any AR Server in Server Group.  
      User will see all 3 AR Server Ranked as 1, 2, 3 in this Form.  
    The Ranking in this Form, controls the    AR System Single Point Deployment Payload Ranking. This Ranking dictates which Server In Server Group will wait with status '   Download Pending', which is the signal to ran the    arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat on that server. 
    3.  Locate the 2 previously-patched servers and set the ranking to blank (null).

    4.  Using the Server 3 direct URL, connect to the Server and use the Deployment Manager to Import & Deploy the patch 2 D2P package.

    5.  Once the package is Deployed, VIEW the Payload Status.  
      Here User will find ONLY Server 3 with status 'Download Pending'.
    6.  On Server 3, Run the arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat utility

    7.  Patch gets deployed on Server 3 Only.

    8.  Open the 
    AR System Monitor Form and add back a ranking for all of the ARServers 


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