Webinar Recording: Extracting Real-Time IMS Data for Analytics Safely and Efficiently

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    Your mainframe is essential to your IT operations, but how are you connecting it to analytics engines and security information and event management (SIEM) applications? You may believe that getting real-time mainframe data for analytics and SIEM is difficult, costly, and risky, but it doesn’t have to be any of those. Learn how to capture the mainframe data you need – when you need it – without risk and without impact to transaction times or CPU costs. See how AMI Data Extractor for IMS enables you to use real-time IMS data to drive real-time decisions.


    In this recording David Schipper and @John_O'Dowd discuss some of the ways you may want to use real-time IMS data and how to access that data without impacting your IMS production systems.



    Let John and David know what you think of this new product and process.