Remedy - D2P- Getting error "ImportPackage failure FileNotFoundException with package" trying to deploy a D2P Hotfix

Version 12
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server D2P Hotfixes



    When trying to import a hotfix using the Deployment Management Console, the .zip file does not upload:

    The arjavaplugin.log shows the following:
    INFO [pool-22-thread-1] com.bmc.arsys.plugins.armigrate.ARMigrateContext (?:?) - <ARSYS.ARF.ARMIGRATE>ARMigratePlugin starting import operation.

    <Package Entry ID:>
    ERROR [pool-22-thread-1] com.bmc.arsys.plugins.armigrate.ARMigrateContext (?:?) -
    <ARSYS.ARF.ARMIGRATE>ARMigratePlugin: ImportPackage failure FileNotFoundException with package: IDGD05W6AABZGAP5S4ONP4V5TMN3CD.
    /opt/bmc/ARSystem/db/BMC_DEPLOYMENT_PACKAGES/IDGD05W6AABZGAP5S4ONP4V5TMN3CD/_validateItems.md5 (No such file or directory)
    Cause: null<Package Entry ID:>

    You may also see this error for the md5 file: (The system cannot find the file specified)



    The wrong file was uploaded.


    The Hot Fixes are ZIP files which contain the D2P package inside which is the one to use and import.

    For example, a Hot Fix will be like this:

    1- You need to decompress the ZIP file to get to the actual D2P Hot Fix package.

    2- Browse inside the decompressed ZIP file until you find the D2P package which will be a ZIP file too with its name starting by ""

    Example, for the Hot Fix above:

    - After decompressed it the D2P package is:
    - This "" is the file which needs to be imported in the Deployment console.
    - If you try to import is when the issue will appear.

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