How to create custom field mappings in an AOT/SRD

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    BMC Service Request Management


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    Customer is wanting to map variables/values to fields that do not exist for fulfillment application(Incident, Work Order, Change, etc)

    Fields may vary depending on what they are trying to map. For Operational and Product Categories, it would just be the fields themselves. For example Work Order Product Categories 1-3 you would need to create mappings for the following fields:
    Product Categorization Tier 1(1000001270)
    Product Categorization Tier 2(1000001271)
    Product Categorization Tier 3(1000001272)

    Where as assignment fields you need to capture client side active link logs to see all fields set, as there are work fields which are hidden set on those fields such as Assigned Group ID for Incident. The fields required to set Assigned Group for Incident are below:
    Assigned Group ID(1000000079)
    Assigned Group(1000000217)
    Assigned Support Company(1000000251)
    Assigned Support Organization(1000000014)


    The attached document details how to add these new fields in order to have them available for variable mappings within an AOT/SRD.

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