Managed File Transfer (MFT) for BMC Customers

Version 3
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    To enhance the protection of files shared with us, BMC has implemented a secure file transfer service supporting SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS protocols. This service is an alternative to attaching a file to a Case via BMC Support Central, and must always be used for files which exceed the 2GB limit for Case attachment file size. Files that are 2GB or smaller can be attached directly to Cases.


    Supported File Transfer Protocols and Hosts/Ports

    The protocols available are as follows:

    • Protocol #1 - HTTPS – URL: (direct access via web browser)

    • Protocol #2 - SFTP - host and port 22 (requires client application)

    • Protocol #3 - FTPS (implicit) - host and port 990 (requires client application)


    Naming Conventions

    To ensure that Cases are resolved as quickly as possible, it is important that Customer Support be able to efficiently locate uploaded files. We ask that you create a separate folder for each Case, and only place files related to that Case in the folder. More details on the folder naming convention are in the usage sections below.


    Accessing the Service

    • Before you can access any of file transfer services, you must have a Support Central registered account with at least one associated Support subscription. If you have not previously registered on Support Central, click here to register. To complete your registration / subscription, you will need access to your company email account, and a valid Support ID and PIN. If you have problems registering, please contact Customer Care by email ( or by phone.

    NOTE: Your home folder is created the first time you access one of the services. BMC cannot create your home folder for you, so we suggest you use your web browser to access the HTTPS service as soon as you have completed the registration process, so your home folder is ready for use.

    To perform secure file transfers from mainframe systems, please see

    FTPS and SFTP from z/OS.


    Uploading Files

    • When you log-in, you will be placed in your personal home folder.

    • Accounts and folders are individual – you will only see your folders and files.

    • Uploading a file

    o When you need to upload one or more files related to a Case, please create a folder for that Case in your home folder, and name it ‘case_<case number>’ (case_012345). That will allow Support to locate your files efficiently.

    o Once you have uploaded the needed files, please let Customer Support know by updating the Case on Support Central, or by replying to an existing email from us.

    o NOTE: for security, files you upload are deleted from the repository after 30 days.


    Downloading Files Shared by Customer Support

    • Because accounts are individual, Customer Support cannot place files directly in folders you created for uploading files, your folders are read-only for Support. For us to share a file with you, Support must specifically share an “outgoing” folder with you.

    • When Customer Support shares a folder with you, you will receive an email with a link in to allow you to accept or reject the shared folder. Unless you believe you received the invitation in error, please click the link to accept the sharing invitation.

    • Once you accept a shared folder, it will be shown in your home folder when you log in.

    • Shared folders are folder with a ‘two people’ icon .

    • Customer Support has been instructed to name shared “outgoing” folders using a naming convention similar to the one to be used for your folders ‘outgoing case_<case number>’ (outgoing_case_543210).


    For complete instructions and a step by step walk through please see SecureMFTInstructions.pdf attached.