After an upgrade of Control-M/Agent 9.0.00 to 9.0.18 the agent protocol set to 11 instead of default 12 in 9.0.18

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    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent upgrade to 9.0.18 from 9.0.00


    The default protocol on Control-M 9.0.18 is 12, but after an upgrade the protocol is still set to 11. What is the expected result?


    The upgrade of the Control-M/Agent from version 9.0.00 does not change the communication protocol between Control-M/Server and Agent. So if it is set to 11 before the upgrade, it will be 11 after the upgrade.

    Protocol 12 allows the use of AES256 in encrypted connections between Control-M/Server and Agent. If you want to use this, please consider article 000139182.

    The behavior has been modified in as a result of CAR00188347:

    The Control-M/Agent protocol version is not updated automatically according to the Control-M/Server protocol version when upgrading to version 9.0.18 or higher. 

    When upgrading to Agent or above, the old version Agent should not be shutdown, so that the upgrade will set the protocol version to be same as Control-M/Server. Otherwise, modify the protocol version for the particular Agent in Control-M Configuration Manager(CCM) -> System Parameters or at the Agent's ctmagcfg utility.

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