How to update the solution version of a Monitoring Policy being used in TSPS

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    TrueSight Presentation Server


    TSPS Central Monitoring Administration


    TrueSight 10.7


    How to update the solution version of a Monitoring Policy using TSPS?


    1) Make sure you have imported the new solution version to the Repository in the TSPS
    2) Go to the Infrastructure Policies page
    3) Click on the Ellipsis next to the Infrastructure Policy you want to change and select Copy
    4) Change the name of the policy and select the group you want to share it with.
    5) Save the new policy
    6) export the policy
        ./ export -d /tmp/exported_policies -p <the new policy name>
    7) edit the resulting .mo file,  update the solutionVersion and save the file
          "solutionVersion" : "4.2.10",   <<<<< example for the iSeries Solution...  version #s will vary from solution to solution.
    8) make sure there are no other policy export files in the directory specified in the -d option on the export command
    9) Import the policy
        ./ import -d /tmp/exported_policies -f
    10) Edit the Monitoring Policy to confirm the version is updated.

    Note:  Updating monitoring solution 
    With version 11.3.03, you can change the monitoring solution version to the latest version while editing a monitoring policy.

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