Can we seperately upgrade or replace the Java embedded with TSCO on the server?

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    TSCO 11.x, 10.x


    We do not support allowing administrator users to upgrade Java version used by TSCO. As a practice, we update the Java version in every major release (sometimes feature or Fixpack) and the update is usually aligned with the latest Java security fixes.

    Can I install or adopt latest OpenJDK version to replace the current JRE installed on my server?

    Yes, it is supported to replace the embedded Java release on the environment with latest openJDK release available. This can be done on Application Server(s) and ETL Engines(s) with no issues. For further details refer to the official TSCO documentation (  TSCO version > Release notes and notices > Support for Java) that covers this topic and the steps suggested to replace the existing JRE version with OpenDJK 


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