How to re initiate Approval Flow

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    BMC Service Request Management


    Details: SRM requests ( REQ# ) stuck in waiting for approval due to various reason like missing assignment details or due to plugin crash etc. What are the steps to clear stuck REQ#.


    Approach 1: Bypass the approval

    In this situation,  we are just bypassing the approval process and hence in AP:Detail Signature form request will remain stuck in pending only
    However in backend without being approved a fulfillment requests will start generated and flow will start normally

    1) Open the form SRM:RequestInterface
    2) Find out the subjected service request out there
    3) Make the status in planning (we are changing workflow manually here to bypass the approval process)

    Open the form SRM:Request form , find out the same request and corresponding fulfillment request has been generated.

    Approach 2:

    In this approach we will get the request approved from the back-end form

    1)Open the form AP:Detail Signature
    Note* Logged in user must have permission to approve ( AR administrator or similar) so that he can access this form ( AP:Detail Signature)
    2) Find out the request
    3) You will see two options there. 
    3a) One must assign
    3b) and all must assign

    4) If option 3a ( one must assign ) is chosen, update Status to  approve and save the record. This request will save ignoring the next approval process
    5) If Option 3B ( All must assign) is chosen, then
    grant permission to all the persons belonging to that approval process on form AP:Detail Signature. Each approver will login and approve the request in same way

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