BMC Helix Remedyforce How to Hide Email Conversation Templates

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce How to prevent staff users from seeing specific email templates used in the Email Conversation (Action > Email)?


    The Visualforce email templates must be saved to a folder where the "This folder is accessible only by the following users" radio button has been set and specific Roles or groups have been selected as having access to the folder. 

      1. Select Remedyforce Administration | Configure Email | Email Templates +.  
    2. Click Create New Folder link to the right of the Folder drop-down list.   
    3. Populate all required fields.   
    4. Select the Visualforce email templates you do not want to be dispalyed for some staff users and add them to the Classic Email Tempaltes in this Folder field.   
    5. Select the "This folder is accessible only by the following users" radio button.   
    6. Select the desired option in the Search drop-down (depending on if Role Hirachey is configured in Salesforce it maybe easiest to create a public group for the users should see these templates).  
    7. Add the group or roles to the Shared To field.   
    8. Click Save.   
    9. Login as a user that should not see the Visualforce email template and ensure that the template is not showing in Remedyforce Console | Incident | Action | Email.  


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