How to use the EmReportConvCLI tool to migrate reports from old versions of Control-M to 9.0.18 - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.18 and above.


    What steps are required to get the EmReportConvCLI tool to run and convert old reports from the reporting facility that was included in Control-M version 9.0.00 and below to the new Control-M Reports tool that is included in Control-M 9.0.18 and above?



    To run the EmReportConvCli.exe utility:

    1. From the Installation DVD, navigate to the Setup_files\TOOLS\Reporting\ReportConversionCLI directory.
    3. Copy the ReportConversionCLI folder to the old reporting facility client machine.
    5. Open a command prompt window as administrator and navigate to the ReportConversionCLI folder, type the following command and press enter:     
      • EmReportConvCli.exe -s <RPT Source files folder> -d <JSON file destination folder>
      • When running the utility, you can provide your own source and destination directories, by using the following:       
        • EXAMPLE: c:\ReportConversionCLI\EmReportConvCli.exe -s "C:\Reporting Facility Reports" -d "c:\Control-M Reports"         
          • -s <The full path to the folder containing the old Reporting Facility Reports>
          • -d < The full path of the desired destination folder>
      • Information about the EmReportConvCLI parameters is available by typing:
        EmReportConvCli -h

      • emreportconvcli.exe will require .net to run.  It is recommended you have at least .net version 4.5.2 as that is the requirement for Control-M 9.0.18



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