Remedy - Server - Error: "Error publishing license use message" in the arerror.log file

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System Server


    The arerror.log file shows intermittently the below error message in server group environment:

    Fri Mar 23 15:00:50.725 2018
    Error publishing license use message
    Fri Mar 23 15:00:50.740 2018 Error publishing license use message
    Fri Mar 23 15:00:51.707 2018 Error publishing license use message


    The server group environment contains records in the servgrp_resources table with host names that don't belong to this environment.


    This error is due to the table containing Host Names under the column serverName which are not part of this server group environment.

    Run the following query in the ARSystem database:
    SELECT * FROM servgrp_resources;

    Locate the records containing the wrong Host Name(s) under the column serverName and delete them from this table.
    If required, engage the DBA Team to perform this activity.

    NOTE BMC recommends AR Server consumed by Smart Reporting should not be part of the production Server Group.

    To remove AR Server from the AR System Server Group go to Planning BMC Remedy Smart Reporting deployment  and follow the steps under:

    - Deploying in a standalone environment where data is fetched from the replicated AR database 
    - AR Server to be consumed by Smart Reporting: Considerations


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