BMC Announces End of Life Of BMC Decision Support - Network Automation (along with details of a replacement offering)

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    August 28th 2018:


    Product Announcements for BMC Decision Support – Network Automation

    The following information is provided:



    Decision Support for Network Automation is a data warehouse and reporting solution for TrueSight Network Automation (TSNA). The solution enables the long term collection& summarization of TSNA data, a reporting engine (Business Objects) and report templates to generate reports of the data collected.


    BMC is announcing the end of life of this reporting solution along with details of a replacement offering that existing customers with active support contracts can migrate to.


    Key Milestones: End of Life for BMC Decision Support – Network Automation

    BMC is announcing end of life for BMC Decision Support – Network Automation. This product has been withdrawn and existing customer deployments will be in limited support until the product end of support date as outlined below.




    Limited Support


    End of Support OR
    Product End of Life Date
    (Product is no longer available or supported)



    Please visit BMC Product Support Policy for definition of ‘Limited Support’ or ‘End of Support’ here -


    Statement of Direction: Reporting for TrueSight Network Automation

    BMC will continue to invest in reporting capabilities for TrueSight Network Automation and is in the process of developing a replacement offering & migration path.

    In addition to the reporting already available in the core product, the BMC Decision Support for Network Automation long term / historical reporting offering will be replaced with an open schema data warehouse along with a reporting engine (YellowFin) and OOB report templates. The data warehouse component will offer customers an open reporting schema, ETL process and database views so that organizations can use their own reporting solutions to generate their own reports from the data warehouse.  Alternatively, customers will have the option to leverage YellowFin as a reporting engine in conjunction with the data warehouse along with OOB TSNA report templates.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What advice can BMC offer with regards to the change in reporting offerings?

    Customers enjoying the existing Business Objects based reporting can continue to use BMC Decision Support – Network Automation until the official end of support date (February 2020). A replacement offering will be introduced in November 2019 and license migrations for those with active support contracts will be available, in accordance with your current annual maintenance spend.


    How & when can I access the new reporting solution?

    The release of TrueSight Network Automation Reporting is planned for November 2019. BMC will send proactive notifications to BMC Decision Support customers on the release date. Customers can then contact their BMC account manager to execute the license migration process. Once you are licensed for the new TrueSight Network Automation Reporting solution, you will be able to access and download the required components from BMC's Electronic Product Download (EPD) site.


    The two components required are:

    • TrueSight Smart Reporting Platform: This contains the YellowFin Reporting solution and is located on its own EPD page. You will only be able to see this EPD product page once you are licensed for it.
    • TrueSight Network Automation - Data Warehouse: (TSNA-DW) This is the data warehouse and ETL process required for storing and summarizing the network automation historical data. This component can now be accessed under the TrueSight Network Automation (v8.9.04) product EPD space


    Where can i find the documentation for TrueSight Network Automation Reporting?The documentation for the replacement offering can be found here:


    Will the replacement offering have all the same OOB report templates?

    Yes, all of the OOB report templates available with BMC Decision Support for Network Automation will be recreated and made available with TrueSight Network Automation Reporting. The initial release will only have a subset of reports with a follow on release completing the set.


    I have created custom reports in BMC Decision Support / SAP BO, is there any way to migrate or convert them to YellowFin?

    Unfortunately there are no conversion utilities available, so custom reports will need to be recreated in YellowFin once you have migrated.


    Is the new solution still licensed based on numbers and types of users?

    No, the replacement offering is an enterprise license which has no limits to the numbers of users accessing it.


    I have injected custom data into the BMC Decision Support data schema, can I continue to generate reports that include this data?

    Yes the replacement solution offers the ability to extend the reporting data schema to add additional data into reports.


    Will BMC Decision Support continue to be validated with later versions of TrueSight Network Automation?

    Yes, BMC Decision Support – Network Automation will continue to work with later versions of TrueSight Network Automation up until its end of support date in February 2020.


    Can I run both BMC Decision Support and the replacement offering in parallel whilst I migrate?

    This is possible but there is a potential risk of data loss should a customer attempt to run ETL from more than one place.


    Instructions for installing TrueSight Network Automation-Data Warehouse (TSNA-DW) with an existing BDSNA database on different machine:


    1. Ensure BDSNA is up and running on one machine.
    2. Make sure all Scheduled Jobs are disabled on BDSNA machine.
    3. Install TSNA-DW on a different machine and provide the existing database details during TSNA-DW post install configuration steps
    4. ETL should run successfully on TSNA-DW setup.
    5. User can now login to BO in BDSNA and can see the updated data in reports because underlying databases are same which are used in TSNA-DW.
    6. User can also login to TrueSight Smart Reporting for Network Automation in TSNA-DW and view reports.
    7. Once migration is done, uninstall BDSNA and SAP BO.
    8. Delete Master and Work databases (not needed with newer solution).


    Will the new solution work with older versions of TrueSight Network Automation?

    The new reporting solution will only work with versions of TSNA or above.


    I have a lot of historical data in my existing BMC Decision Support – Network Automation database. Can I migrate this data to the new offering?

    Yes, customers with existing BMC Decision Support databases can retain their existing databases to preserve the long term data.


    Is there any time limit as to when I can migrate my BMC Decision Support licenses over to the replacement offering?

    Customers with active support contracts for BMC Decision Support – Network Automation can migrate licenses to the new offering up until the end of support date for BMC Decision Support – Network Automation (February 2020). You can migrate at any time, so long as you have an active support contract for BDSNA.


    If my corporate reporting engine is Business Objects, will BMC still ship the Business Objects reporting templates with the new open reporting offering?

    No, the replacement offering will not ship with either Business Objects or Business Objects report templates.  Customers must create their own reports with their own Business Objects reporting solution.


    Can I continue to use BMC Decision Support – Network Automation even after the product is officially end of life / end of support.

    We recommend customers uninstall BMC Decision Support – Network Automation after it runs out of support at the end of February 2020 and migrate to the new offering instead. Any installed instances of BMC Decision Support – Network Automation post February 2020 will be unsupported.