BMCLGC0027E Configuration for DBC SSID xxxx not found

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    How to resolve message BMCLGC0027E Configuration for DBC SSID xxxx not found, when running the LGC$BKUP job?


    Message BMCLGC0027E caused by new registration method that does not include DBC SSID.


    The sample job in member hlq.BMCSAMP(LGC$BKUP) is used to backup the contents of the LGC REGISTRY (product options) data set. In the job, a BMC Execution Component for z/OS (DBC) is specified as part of the input to the LGCUTIL program. Changes have been made to DBC registration which may affect the execution of the job.

    • In past versions, a DBC was registered with a DBC GROUP and a DBC SSID.   
    • In later versions, the DBC is registered with a DBC GROUP, but not a DBC SSID. 
    If both the following conditions are true, error message "BMCLGC0027E Configuration for DBC SSID xxxx not found" will result, and LGCUTIL will end with a return code of 8:  
    1. The DBC has been registered without a DBC SSID.
    3. The DBC SSID is specified in LGCUTIL input.
    To avoid the error message and RC 8, LGCUTIL input must be modified to correctly identify the DBC. 

    As shipped, the LGC$BKUP job input includes a "config XML" tag that assumes the target DBC has been registered with a DBC SSID:  
    <config ssid="xxxx">
    Removing the config XML tag from the LGC$BKUP job input is required to identify a DBC registered without a DBC SSID. 

    Following the removal of the config XML tag and resubmitting the job, it is expected that the correct DBC will be identified and the LGC$BKUP job output will not contain the BMCLGC0027E message. 


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