Things to know or do before installing the Track-It! 2019

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    Things to know or do before installing the Track-It! 2019



    Thank you for your interest in Track-It! 2019. This email covers important information you need prior to installing Track-It!.  This includes instructions on how to obtain your license and the password required to run the installer.


    Please take a moment to fully read all the following information:

    • Free online training & documentation:     


    • IMPORTANT notes for Track-It! customers migrating from 11.x or prior versions:     
      • Track-It! 2019 is a completely different platform compared to the 11.x and prior versions.
      • While all the core functionality from 11.x has been added to the new platform, there are still some edge components yet to be added. If you are planning to migrate from an 11.x or earlier version of Track-It!, you must first review the details on which components have been delivered and what is remaining.  You can find that information here.
      •  While the new version is completely free to existing customers, moving to Track-It! 2019 is a migration not an upgrade.  As such, it is critical that you review the information regarding migration in the documentation. 

                              What to know before starting your migration


                              Free online video training - Migrating from prior versions

    • Licenses and Software

    ·       To download your license files or software, follow the instructions here

    • Support and Assistance     
      • If you have any questions about Track-It! 2019, you can find support options at
      • Want to see how your peers are getting the most from Track-It!?  Network and get tips from other Track-It! users, consultants, and our support team in the Track-It! Online Community
    • Installer Password

    Lastly, the password required to install the software is “carnation”.  You will need this when you run the installation.




    I hope you enjoy the new Track-It! as much as we do.  Remember, we are here to help when you need us.  Just log a support request here.  




    Helpful links to save for when you need them:  


    Important Sections in the Documentation:




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