Remedy Smart Reporting - Duplicate 'ARSystem' Data Source During Import Contents/Migration

Version 13
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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    Remedy Smart Reporting 19.X and above versions


    Duplicate 'ARSystem' Data Source During Import Contents/Migration in Remedy Smart Reporting.Post migration application is not accessible due to Client Sources duplication.


    Due the duplicate data source, the error "License is Breached'  is seen in the console due to Client Sources duplication. This can be generated most of the time by:

    1. Process to implement Audit Report failed.
    3. Content is imported in default org(siadmin console).
    5. Some user with admin rights added the extra connection or modified the "Smart Reporting Repository DB" source connection (which is used to open the "Admin Reports").
    1. Open browser and log in to the Smart Reporting Admin Console using direct URL:     
      • http(s)://<SmartReportingHost or LB>:<port>/
    3. Log in using the administrator (siadmin) credentials to Default organization.
    5. Once logged in to application, navigate to Administration > Admin Console > click on License Management.
    7. Breached license message will appear.
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      Remove the duplicated Data-sources from the Smart Reporting Database.   
      Note: Make sure to create a backup of Smart Reporting database repository prior to executing below steps. 
    1. Stop Smart Reporting service.  
    2. Identify the organisation ID under    IpOrg column for which the extra source connection was added: 
    select * from Organisation
      3. Identify the ID of the extra connection using the value of    IpOrg column from above step: 
    select * from ReportViewSource  where IpOrg = Organisation.IpOrgand AccessCode = 'UNSECURE'
      Note: replace    "Organisation.IpOrg" with the value of    IpOrg column from    Organisation table. 
    4. Update the corresponding row to mark the extra connection as deleted: 
    update ReportViewSource set  AccessCode = 'DELETED'  where SourceId = SourceId_value
      Note: replace    "SourceId_value" with the corresponding value detected on step 3. 
    5. Start Smart Reporting service.  
    6. Now it will be possible to log in to Smart Reporting. 


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