Smart Reporting Error Message: "Problem accessing the absolute URL:/includes/SmartReporingHeader.jsp"

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Smart Reporting


    Remedy Smart Reporting


    When logging to Smart Reporting next message appears in the header:   
       Problem accessing the absolute URL: /includes/SmartReporingHeader.jsp 


    To avoid seeing that message, it will be necessary to change the header configuration for Smart Reporting:

    1. Access to Smart Reporting using the absolute URL with siadmin user to the "Default" organization

      Bundled Tomcat: http(s)://<SmartReporting_host>:<port>/  
    External Tomcat: http(s)://<SmartReporting_host>:<port>/SmartReporting/ 
    2. If multi-tenant login appears, select "Default", otherwise the user will access to "Default" organization automatically 
    3. Go to Administration > Configuration 
    4. Select "Integration" icon and expand "Page Header" 
    5. Under "Display" option, select "Standard" and click on "Save" button 
    6. It will be asked if the configuration should be applied to the client organizations, select "Yes", verify the client organization is selected and click on "Save" button. 
    7. Close siadmin login and cross-launch Smart Reporting through MidTier. The message "Problem accessing the absolute URL: /includes/SmartReporingHeader.jsp" will no longer appear. 


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