How to rename SmartIT/DWP server host/URL

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    Smart IT/ dwp 1.x - 2.0 & 18.x


    Problem Details: How to change/update SmartIT/DWP server host name 


    Solution Details:

    AR/ITSM changes

    First we would need to update the Keystore form SHR:SHR_KeyStore  this would need to reflect the new Smart IT hostname (if your customer is using a Smart IT LB then this shouldn't be an issue either)
    Then the file, which is located at  <TOMCAT_HOME>/external-conf/ - update the hostname - replacing the old name with the new. 

    In Openfire, the 'provider.auth.authResource' would need to be updated. This tells Openfire how to connect to Smart IT (This could be an LB in which case this shouldn't need to be changed)

    If Openfire is also on this renamed host, they may need to change the xmpp.domain in Openfire and in

    If Openfire is also on this renamed host, the boshURL in may need to change (if it references the old hostname - again, if it references a different machine or LB then nothing to change here) 

    There would be nothing to do in Mongo or mongo config files.  The config.js in the 'social' directory would point to the mongo hosts - mongo does not refer to the Smart IT host though. (Hopefully mongo does not run on the same box as Smart IT - if it does, the update config.js with the hostname for mongo).
    **if you are using 18.x and above this step can be ignored

    There should be nothing to change for Tomcat (SmartIT/DWP) or the MyIT Social Service. 
    **if you are using 18.x and above there should be nothing to change for tomcat (smart it)

    *If the Smart IT database server resides on the same box as the renamed Smart IT host, then the ux.xml file (in the <SmartIT_Tomcat_Install_Dir>\conf\Catalina\localhost directory) would need the JDBC URL to be updated.
    **if you are using 18.x and above this change should be performed on <SmartIT_Tomcat_Install_Dir>\conf\Catalina\localhost\smartit.xml

    • The Smart IT database itself does not contain the hostnames of the Smart IT boxes - so nothing to change there.


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