Incorrect BMC AppSight Server When Opening Log File

Version 2


    When using automatically opening up a log from BMC Desktop Capture, Test Recorder, Test Recorder Editor or simply double clicking an .asl file the log file will open up with BMC AppSight System, but connect to the wrong BMC AppSight Server.  BMC AppSight System will try to connect to an BMC AppSight Server which does not exist and will show an error message in the BMC AppSight System.

    More Information

    Since BMC AppSight System is trying to open up the wrong BMC AppSight Server it throws the following error message:


    AppSight Server "%computername%" cannot open AppSight Log file "%ASL_Location%


    On the bottom of the BMC AppSight System it shows the following error:


    Communication with server "%computername%" failed.  Error = 0x80070


    BMC AppSight System stores all the BMC AppSight Servers it has ever connected to in the registry.  Each name entry is a different BMC AppSight Server.  If there is an invalid BMC AppSight Server in this list it can cause the error message above to be listed in the BMC AppSight System.  Follow the steps below so BMC AppSight System connects to the right BMC AppSight Server:


    • Check the following registry entry on the machine where BMC AppSight System is trying to connect to the wrong BMC AppSight Server:


              HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Identify\AppSight\Recent Server List


    • If the local BMC AppSight Server should be the only BMC AppSight Server in the list then that should be the only entry listed.   Exit all BMC AppSight components and remove the registry entries except for the local BMC AppSight Server.  Start up BMC AppSight System again and it should connect to the local BMC AppSight Server automatically.


    • If the BMC AppSight Server is not in the list then this will need to be manually added to BMC AppSight System.   When adding the BMC AppSight Server make sure to select to have it reconnect to the BMC AppSight Server every time.  Then exit all BMC AppSight components and check the registry key listed above.  Remove any entries except for the BMC AppSight Server just added.  Open up BMC AppSight System and it should connect to recently added BMC AppSight Server automatically.