Can I process notifications that failed to send due to mail server issues?

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    Footprints 11.6.x


    Can I process notifications that failed to send due to mail server issues?


    Typically messages fail to send due to some error with FootPrints communicating with the mail server.  These errors would be logged in the systemLog.txt file located in the \footprints\etc file on the server, which you can also view in the FootPrints interface by going to Administration -> System -> Logs -> View System Logs. 

    Here are steps for resending the mails that were not processed, please read these fully before proceeding:

     There is a script that can reprocess the mails. 

    That script is in the footprints/cgi directory and is called

    When sending mail fails, it moves lines from the footprints/etc/backgroundMails.txt to footprints/etc/unsentMails.txt. 

    If you run the script, it should move the lines back from footprints/etc/unsentMails.txt back to footprints/etc/backgroundMails.txt which will then "requeue" the messages for sending.  So here are the steps that should be followed:

     1)  On the Footprints server, back up the 2 files I mentioned:

     2)  Now open a command shell window (run as Administrator) and cd to the \footprints\cgi directory.
    3)  Now run the script as follows:

     4)  From reading the script it looks like you will see these prompt:

     This script will read in the contents of a file containing information for mails that need to be sent, like the etc/unsentMails.txt file. 

    It will add the lines to the etc/backgroundMails.txt file, which will cause the Footprints background mail script to send out the mails.


    Before proceeding, you should BACK UP THE FOLLOWING FILES:
    -The file you're going to read in
      (even if you're reading in some other file)
    -html/tmp/backgroundMailMessage*.txt  (the mail data files)


    Press control-c if you want to end this script now so you can back up the files.

    What file in etc dir should I read in?

    (press enter to read default file, unsentMails.txt)

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