DWP - Unable to open AIF Requests in MyIT

Version 9
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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    MyIT Digital Workplace


    When trying to access the Service Catalog requests from MyIT I get "The page cannot be displayed"


    Unable to open AIF Requests in MyIT. AIF are enabled on SRM Pluggable Provider.


    Having MyIT pointing to a wrong AR Server



    1. On MyIT admin console , check for the following:     
      •  Default MidtierURL is correct for provider -  SRM Pluggable Provider (all versions) and ITSM Pluggable Provider (if DWP 18.02 and earlier)
      1) In Remedy - Open the "CAI:AppRegistry" form in Search Mode 

    2) Search for all the Records where Server field contains the Server Name observed in the error.

    3) Update all the records with the correct hostname or the load balancer name of the current AR Server. 

    1. Go to this form SRS:CFGAdvancedInterface and update the AR Server in the Custom AIF Form. You might need to do it here as well for exiting requests MyIT:SRD join form, search for the request record and update the Server value in the right field.
      2. On Developer Studio, make sure the Form exists: MYITSM:AIFContextLauncher

    If you are not able to open AIF in the same Window, then do the below, otherwise you will need to open AIF on different windows:
      Try to disable "clickJacking" portion of mid-tier's "HttpHeaderSecurityFilter". To do this, edit mid-tier's web.xml (Installed Dir/midtier/WEB-INF/) and add parameter to disable mid-tier's clickjacking filter in the HttpSecurityHeaderFilter filter as shown in below snippet.

    See snippet below:



    -Restart Midtier,

    -Try again.


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