Spoon CMDB Data Load Issue: single numerical string values getting loaded as decimal

Version 4
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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium Core


    Pentaho Spoon


    We are experiencing an issue with the field data we are loading from the attached spreadsheet into the CMDB via the Data Management Tool (DMT) which uses an Atrium Spoon job (see attached zip). The BMC.CORE:BMC_Equipment form has two custom char fields where if we run the job to load single numeric values on each, those values get converted into decimal. However, if each has multiple values separated by comma, then they get loaded as they are (e.g., “6” becomes “6.0”, but “4,5,6” stays the same).

    We tried to fix the issue by changing the format of the columns from text to General, and even used numbers without the decimal place, but it still produces the same decimal results in the fields.



    This part of the AI is actually Pentaho code and there is a Pentaho community post that pertains to Excel input adding decimal place to numeric field

    Try using # in format. That should address the issue

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