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    BRM Corner

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    Tina Vega is a 7 year BMC veteran.  She started her career in the FootPrints and Track-it! team as a Project Coordinator. She was then promoted to Staff Business Relationship Manager in January, 2015 then just recently as Senior Business Relationship Manager. Tina has consistently successfully managed a very high volume of accounts and became the power user of our internal system that tracks our customers. As a result, Tina became the RF BRM onboarding trainer and expert capitalizing on her experience in past careers as a training instructor. Tina takes pride in helping her team mates in learning our internal Remedyforce processes and procedures; all along assisting her customers with whatever they need. Tina’s motto is, “If you are not servicing the customer, you better be servicing someone who is.” She states she treats her customers the way she wants to be treated, with a smile. Tina resides in Seffner, Florida near her family and longtime friends. She just got married in September. She enjoys spending time with her 2 cats, 1 talking bird and loving husband.


    Things you need to know

    Product news

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    We are pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the Remedyforce Winter 19 Early Access Program (EAP) is now open! 

    *This program is for current Remedyforce customers only.


    The Early Access Program lets you get exclusive access and insight into the upcoming Remedyforce Winter 19 release.


    To access the EAP, first you will need to sign the BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement.  NOTE: If you signed the “BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement” previously, you will need to re-sign the new agreement.  The agreement was updated on July 1st to reflect new language regarding GDPR, among other things, and BMC is requiring that all EAP participants sign the new agreement.  Please be aware that the “BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement” is a click through agreement.


    Please be aware that when filling out the Agreement, to use the Company Name that was used on your Support Contract in order to cover all staff who may want to participate in the EAP.


    Pre-Release Agreements (SaaS)


    Once we have the agreement on file, you can then request access to the Winter 19 EAP group:


    Remedyforce Winter 19 Early Access Program


    As with our previous Early Access Programs, we will be offering customers the opportunity to preview a pre-release of Remedyforce Winter 19  in your own sandbox.  We anticipate this phase of the EAP to start mid to late November/early December.  If you’re interested in getting a Pre-Release of Winter 19 pushed to your sandbox, please send your name and email address to virginia_leandro@bmc.com as we’ll be building our list and will notify you as we get closer to a more stable/testable pre-release.


    We look forward to working with you and getting your feedback!  If you have any questions on the release please contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to Remedyforce Success.


    Recent Blogs

    Virginia Leandro has published the Salesforce tech updates for October including, Wtnter 19, sandbox migrations, Instance refreshes, feature retirements and much more.  Read more here: Salesforce Monthly Tech Update - October 2018


    Lisa Kraas Salesforce is getting ready to release it's Winter 19 update which introduced 2 issues that may be experienced in Remedyforce.  These issues were found in the course of platform testing performed by the Remedyforce R&D Team.  Both issues will be fixed and released in Patch 2.  Read more here: Remedyforce Summer 18 Patch 2 Contains 2 Salesforce Platform Fixes


    Remedyforce Email Notifications

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    When the new landmark privacy law - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect on 25th May 2018 we adopted the practice for our Remedyforce contacts in that we reached out to ask you to “opt in” to receive communications from us.  In order to resume getting important Remedyforce emails we need confirmation that you want to be “opted in”.  We highly recommend that our customers receive them.  Below is an example of key information types that you will resume receiving if you opt in; information on Patches, outages and upgrades. Please contact your BRM or the Remedyforce Success Team at remedyforcesuccess@bmc.com to request to be opted in to these important emails.

    RF Success Email.JPG



    Knowledge Articles

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    Articles from the BMC Knowledge Base: Explore articles from our support experts. Engage (like, bookmark, rate...) on them to let us know how we’re doing.


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