BMC Helix Remedyforce buttons do not Work Properly in Lightning Experience

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Javascript is removed from Remedyforce buttons, therefore standard and custom buttons are treated as actions in Lightning Experience, just like in the Salesforce app, custom buttons that call JavaScript (Responded, Incident Matching, Close, etc) aren’t supported anymore in Lightning Experience.

    Please keep in mind the following points while using Lightning experience with Remedyforce.

    •     The Walkthrough and the SelfHelp flows on the Getting Started and Remedyforce Administration tabs respectively are not supported in Salesforce Lightning Experience.
    •     Remedyforce for Lightning Experience is not supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. If there any issues found, the issues will not be resolved. However, you can use other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and and Google Chrome. In case you have opted for Extended use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 with Lightning Experience under Setup > Security > Session Settings, it is still not recommended to run Remedyforce on Explorer 11 because of security compromises and performance issues.
    •     You might experience unpredictable behavior if you switch back and forth from Classic to Lightning. For such instances, it is recommended that you log out of the session and log in again.
    •     The print and print to PDF options are not supported in the Lightning Experience.
    •     While creating an incident from Chatter in the Lightning Experience, you cannot attach more than one file.
    •     When you navigate to Remedyforce Administration > Manage Users > Clients > click any client, and on the Client page, click an incident record from the Support Information section. The incident opens in the Remedyforce Console; however, the Remedyforce Console tab is not highlighted.
    •     Due to removal of JavaScript from Remedyforce buttons, these buttons will start appearing in the Lightning Experience in Standard Layouts, but they will not work.
    •     From Remeyforce Console, if you open a record in a new browser tab, the Salesforce header that shows all menu tabs is not displayed.
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