Data in Notes (Description) field of Work Order can get duplicated when submitting Work Order with Template from Smart IT

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT 1.5.01


    Remedy with Smart IT 1.5.01 Remedy IT Service Management Suite 9.1


    Problem Details:

    Use case 1) 

    WO Notes field from Template shows on e-mail notification after the text has been removed.

    Email notification sent form Work Order created using WO Template contains notes text from WO Template as well as manually added text.
    At the time of creation of Work Order customer is removing the notes added by WO template and manually adding notes. But the notification sent for the work order contains both text. i.e Notes from Work order Template and manually added notes.
    Use Case 2) Data in Notes (Description) field of Work Order can get duplicated when submitting Work Order with Template from Smart IT. 

    Steps that would reproduce this issue:  
    • Create a Work Order template and provide data for the 'Notes' field:
      User-added image
    • Login to Smart IT with a Work Order User (note: the user should not have Work Order Master permissions), go to 'Create New' -> 'Work Order' and select a customer
    • Select the Work Order template created at step 1
    • Select an Assignment and Manager Support Group of which the logged in user is not a member
    • Save the Work Order and check the data in the Description field
      Result: Data in Description field is duplicated 
      User-added image
      As described in the steps above, this issue is only seen if the user does not have Work Order Master permissions and is not a member of the Assigned/Manager Support Group of the newly created Work Order 



    SRM workflow adds original description from Work Order Template again to start of description field on Submit


    Potential workarounds

    • Update the Run-If condition of filter "WOI:WIC:CreateWorkOrder_095_CheckForTemplate02_Notes" from:
      ('z2TF_Notes' != $NULL$) 
      ('z2TF_Notes' != $NULL$) AND ($CLIENT-TYPE$ != 10)
    This assures that the filter does not execute when the Work Order submit is originating from Smart IT 
    • Disable filter "WOI:WIC:CreateWorkOrder_095_CheckForTemplate02_Notes"


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