Remedy - Server - Error:"Message not in catalog -- message number = 2" when trying to add an AR Server License using the Driver Tool

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    After following the article:
    Remedy - Server - How to add an AR Server License into Remedy using the Driver tool

    and running the Driver command gll it is noticed there is some incorrect information (example below):
                  License Type:  AR Server
                   License Key:
     {License Key}
              License Sub Type:
    License Issued Date: month:
     0 <----------------- Issued Date is zero (incorrect).
                           day:  0 <----------------- Issued Day is zero (incorrect).
                          year:  0 <----------------- Issued Year is zero (incorrect).
    License Expire Date: month:  
                           day:  0
                          year:  0
                     Site Name:
                       Host ID:
    <----------------- missing HostID 
            Number of Licenses:  1
                    Token List:


    Followed the article:
    Remedy - Server - How to delete an AR Server License using the Driver tool

    Trying to add the License again the following error is observed:
       ARCreateLicense  results
    ReturnCode:  ERROR
    Status List : 1 items
    Status Struct :
       Message type : ERROR
       Message number :  2
       Message:  Message not in catalog -- message number = 2


    The License seems to have been deleted as per the outcome of the above article but running the gll command it stills showing up with the incorrect/missing information.
    Restarting the AR System does not help.



    Original Licenses entered with the Driver tool was done incorrectly.


    To address this scenario (when not having access to the user interface) both Driver and access to the Database will be required.

    - The actions to be performed in the Database is to delete the records of the current "problematic" license from the related tables.
    Note: Make sure the DBA Team is engaged to perform these steps and if required backup the database for safety purposes.
    - Then using the Driver tool the License will be created again.

    The steps performed below are done as an example on a Windows Server and MSSQL database but the same applies to Oracle or Linux/Unix.

    1- Access to the ARSystem database and run the following query:
         select schemaid from arschema where name like 'AR System Licenses'
         Note down the schemaid value retrieved. For example: 50

    2- Run the following query:
         select * from T50   (where 50 is the schemaid provided in the query above).

    3- The output will be all the existing Licenses (including the Application Licenses) set in the application.

    4- Note down the ID listed in the column C1 for the AR Server entry we know is not correct. As an example: 000000000000055

    5- Delete the related AR Server record from this table using the appropriate ID and Table ID as per all the steps above. For example:
         delete from T50 where C1 = '{000000000000055 as an example}'
         the record for the AR Server License will be deleted.

    6- Next step is to delete also the related AR Server entry from the table called license_cache:
         delete from license_cache where LicenseKey = '{the license key}'

    7- All the references of this AR Server License key will have been deleted from the database.

    8- Restart the AR System application.

    9- Add again the AR Server License using the Driver tool following again very carefully the article:
         Remedy - Server - How to add an AR Server License into Remedy using the Driver tool


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