Remedy - Server - When configuring AR System to be a Server Group the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form is completely empty

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System Server v.9.1.x


    When configuring AR System to be a Server Group the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form is completely empty.
    After having make sure the Server Group settings are correct:

    Centralized Configuration form for the server component:

              User-added image

    Server Information form under the Configuration tab:

              User-added image

    And after having restarted the AR Servers the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking is completely empty:

              User-added image

    If we try to select an operation value it is noticed the there are no values in the Operation drop down field:

              User-added image

    Checking further in the Database the following is observed:

    1) Running the query: select * from servgrp_board;
    Results (example):

           User-added image
    There are no OPFLAGS values set for any of the servers of the group.

    2) Running the query: select * from servgrp_op_mstr;
    Results (example):

              User-added image

    This table is empty.



    The expected data for the "servgrp_op_mstr" is missing.


    Despite the Server Group configuration being correct the ranking will not appear if the main servgrp_op_mstr table is missing the data.

    When the ranking is being created the AR code will generate it assigning to the servers the different operations and the ranking.

    If the operations values are not available then AR will not be able to do so and results of a none existing Server Group Ranking table.

    The servgrp_op_mstr table by default contains the different operations values for a Server Group.

    To know how this looks like please check the article:
    Remedy - Server - How to check the AR Server Group ranking on ARSystem v9.1.x at Database level and servgrp_board opFlags

    This data is inserted during AR installation/Upgrade. If this data was not inserted back then the installation would have failed.
    Check and verify if it actually back then had been an issue while installing or upgrading the application which would explain the missing data on this table.

    When in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form we select the Operation drop down field it calls a menu.
    This menus is called: AR System Server Group Operation Names.

    In Developer Studio this can be checked and verified.

              User-added image

              User-added image

    The AR System Server Group Operation Names menu's definition uses a direct SQL to query servgrp_op_mstr table and get the Operation name so it will be displayed in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form.

              User-added image

    If the data on this table is missing then no Operation values are available so AR System will not be able to generate the Server Group Ranking table.

    At this point, to address the current scenario, the way to proceed is to insert this data directly in the Database using a Browser Database client.

    The SQL statements can be found if present on a file called "arsystem_create_tabdata.txt"
    This file is usually located in: ....\BMC Software\ARSystem\Logs where the INSERT SQL statements can be found.

    If this file is not present please use the following INSERT statements:
    Note: Please check and ensure a Database backup is performed. Although these INSERTS are straight forward please make sure all safety measures are taken into account.
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Administration', 1, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Escalation', 2, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Archive', 3, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Full Text Index', 4, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('DSO', 5, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('E-Mail Engine', 6, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Flashboards', 7, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Atrium Integration Engine', 8, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Atrium Integrator', 9, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Service Failover', 10, '', '', '');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Cognitive Training Service',11,'','','Cognitive');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Approval Server', -1, 'Approval-Server-Suspended:', 'SG-Check-Config', 'Approval-CHK-CONFIG;Approval');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Assignment Engine', -1, 'Assignment-Engine-Suspended:', 'SG-Check-Config', 'AE-CHK-CONFIG;AE-CACHE;AE-ASSIGN');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Business Rules Engine', -1, 'Business-Rules-Engine-Suspended:', 'SG-Check-Config', 'BR-CHK-CONFIG;BR-BRIE');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Reconciliation Engine', -1, 'Reconciliation-Engine-Suspended:', 'SG-Check-Config', 'Reconciliation-CHK-CONFIG;Reconciliation');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('CMDB', -1, 'CMDB-Service-Suspended:', 'SG-Check-Config', 'CMDB-CHK-CONFIG;CMDB');
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('SLM Collector', -1, 'SLM-Collector-Suspended:', 'SG-Check-Config', 'SLM-CHK-CONFIG');

    For 19.02 and above, also perform the next INSERT
    INSERT INTO servgrp_op_mstr VALUES ('Smart Reporting User Sync', -1, 'Smart-Reporting-User-Sync-Suspended:', 'SG-Check-Config', 'SmartReportingUserSync-CHK-CONFIG;SmartReportingUserSync');

    Run again the query: select * from servgrp_op_mstr;

    It should now show the inserted data:

              User-added image
    For 19.02 and above, you will have one additional row
    User-added image

    Restart all the AR Servers so the code will read the data available now on this table and the Server Group Ranking table will be generated.
    Note: all the AR Servers of the group need to be restarted otherwise the new ranking will not include the AR Server which was not restarted.

    Login into the application and check in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form, click the Operation drop down field and all the operations should now be available:

              User-added image

    Perform now also a search on this form and the Server Group Ranking will be created:

              User-added image

    To verify too in the Database run the query: select * from servgrp_board;
    It should show the OPFLAGS values being present.

              User-added image

    Note: in 19.02 and above, there will be 18 values.


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