Deploy Smart IT and DigitalWorkPlace (MyIT) client app through Citrix XenMobile and Microsoft InTune

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    SmartIT and Digital WorkPlace (MyIT) 1.x through 1805


    How to Deploy MyIT and SmartIT apps through Citrix XenMobile and Microsoft InTune which are MDM solution? How to achieve this ?

    Not Supported: 
    Citrix XenMobile and Microsoft InTune are unsupported by BMC.
    All major MDM’s including XenMobile and Intune supports deployment of native iOS and Android apps. What we provide is standard native iOS and Android app for DWP and Smart IT.
    Customer can use the standard instruction from MDM vendor to publish and distribute our app.
    For app wrapping, we do not test or certify app wrapping capability offered by MDM vendors. Vendors usually claim support of wrapping any native app without the app vendor (BMC in this case) making any code changes to the app.
    For SDK based integration, this requires code changes to our app and we do not support such integration with any MDM.

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