How to flush the Mid-Tier cache (includes video)

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    ITSM/AR/ Mid-Tier 8.x/9.x and above


    How to Flush Mid-Tier Cache:


    Steps to perform Soft cache Flush
    1. Login to the Mid-Tier configuration page http://localhost/arsys/shared/config/config.jsp.
    2. Select the Cache setting link on the left.
    3. Click the Flush cache button.

    Note* Clear the browser cache/cookies/etc completely.
    Click on the following link for more details on the process:

    Steps to perform Hard Cache Flush:

    1) Stop Tomcat (Jsp Engine) Service.
    2) Clear out the contents of the 'work', 'temp' & 'logs' folders inside "....\...\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat X.X\"
    3) Clear out the contents of the 'cache', 'cachetemp', PluginsCache,'attstore' and 'logs' folders present inside the Mid-Tier folder.
    4) Delete 'viewStats.dat' and 'viewStats.dat.bak' from <Mid-Tier folder>\WEB-INF\Classes. (* If only Present, else ignore this step).
           - in 9.x version 'viewStats.dat' and 'viewStats.dat.bak' will be under  <Mid-Tier folder>\WEB-INF\classes\viewServerStats
    5) Start the Tomcat (Jsp Engine) Service.
    Note* Clear the browser cache/cookies/etc completely. 
    Browser caching functions and handling are specific of each browser brand, any options to preserve/delete or modifying cache at browser level must be check with the browser manufacturer.
    The above steps need to be done on all Mid Tier servers in the server group.

    Steps to perform Single Form Cache Flush ( Applicable to version 9.x and above )

    1) Login to Mid Tier config tool and then change the path to be this:
    2) Choose Server Name from Drop down.
    3) Enter exact form name ( not form alias) as it appears in Developer Studio
    4) Click on button Flush cache

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