Discovery:  ManagementController is not Sync'd to the CMDB.  Also, it has no related Host.

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery - (Any version which discovers CIMC ManagementController)


    Your Discovery appliance contains CIMC ManagementController or HP I/Lo Management Controller nodes, however they are not Sync'd to the CMDB.

    Further, the ManagementController has no related Host.  (There is no relationship to the Host that is managed by the Management Controller).



    must meet requirements




    1. You must also scan the related Host in order to find the relationship from the Management Controller to the Host
    3. You must scan the Management Controller via an XML/API credential.  Specifically, for CIMC, you need to use the Cisco CIMC XML API credential. An SNMP credential will not find the related Host information.
    5. On the ManagementController node, there must be a discovered attribute called "system_serial" that is the same value as the serial number of the managed Host.     
      • system_serial will only get discovered with the XML/API        
        • If you meet requirements #1 and #2 above, then this will occur

    If you meet all of the above requirements, then your ManagementController should show a relationship to the managed Host node.
    And, if it has a related Host node, it will get Sync'd to the CMDB. 

    NOTE: ManagementControllers without related Host node do not get sync'd to the CMDB



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