Remedy Smart Reporting  - User Sync Escalation Troubleshooting Steps For 9.1.04 and Above Versions

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    9.1.04 and above


    UserSync troubleshooting steps for 9.1.04 and higher versions



    Prior to 9.1 Sp4, user sync escalation was running on Pentaho jobs. From 9.1.04 onwards, the sync job is java based and  there is no dependency on UDM/Pentaho jobs.

    Here are the Smart Reporting UserSync troubleshooting guide applies for 9.1.04 or any higher version

    1)SmartReportingServer_Info form record - Make sure the Server Host & port, siadmin password, client organization names are correct.

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    a. If Smart Reporting is installed with bundle tomcat, then Service name should be

    b. If Smart Reporting is installed with external tomcat, then Service name should be

    2)UserSync Binaries :

    Check if the smartreportingusers91_build003.jar and usersync.jar files are present in the following directory:
    ARSystemInstallDir\BMC Software\ARSystem\pluginsrv

    3)SSL Certificate :

    If SSL is configured on Smart Reporting make sure that SmartReporting certificate is imported to AR java trust-store.Steps for importing the certificate are available in BMC UserSync troubleshooting guide.

    The document link is given at the end of the knowledge article.

    If all the above configuration is in place and still users are not getting sync into the Smart Reporting.Then capture the usersync debug mode logs as it will give more details about the cause. Here are the steps to change the logging level

    Open the log4j_pluginsvr.xml file under the ARSystemInstallDir\BMC Software\ARSystem\pluginsvr directory and change the value of level value to debug from warn as shown below

    From :

     <logger additivity="false" name="com.bmc.arsys.plugins.smartreporting">
          <level value="warn"/>
             <!-- use SmartReportingLog as the appender for logging to the log file -->
             <appender-ref ref="SmartReportingLog"/>

    <logger additivity="false" name="com.bmc.arsys.plugins.smartreporting">
          <level value="debug"/>
             <!-- use SmartReportingLog as the appender for logging to the log file -->
             <appender-ref ref="SmartReportingLog"/>
    Restart the AR service.    

    The usersync related errors will get capture in smartreporting.log file located at <installed_directory>/ARSystem/Arserver/Db location.

    Here is the UserSync troubleshooting document link for more details    


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