Control-M Managed File Transfer deployment fails with error : Cannot deploy on Agent xxx which has empty OS name

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    Control-M Managed File Transfer


    Control-M MFT


    Control-M Managed File Transfer (MFT)


    Deploying the Control-M Managed File Transfer (MFT) module fails with the following error:

    Cannot deploy on Agent <Agent Name> which has empty OS name



    1. The Agent has no information in the "Operating System" column in the Control-M Configuration Manager; or 2. The Agent version is not and above


    Ensure the Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent can communicate with each other properly.

    1. In the Control-M Configuration Manager (CCM) client, right-click the Agent and select "ping" to test communication from the Server to Agent. 

    2. On the Control-M/Server, run the  ctm_diag_comm  command to verify communication and parameters, and on the Agent run the  ag_diag_comm  command.  If any part of the communication fails, compare parameters from both ends, as well as check for any network issues like firewalls blocking ports, etc.

    When communication problems have been resolved, another ping from the CCM (as described in step 1) should retrieve the Agent's information and populate the  "Operating System" details, thus allowing you to deploy Control-M Managed File Transfer.

    Please make sure that the Control-M/Agent version is or above.

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