Unable to Attach Files to Incidents from the Remedyforce Console Details Section of the Form

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    Remedyforce Service Desk


    Unable to Attach Files to Incidents from the Remedyforce Console, Self Service 2.0 and via email  on Details Section of the Form.


    The ActionHub license has expired.  Request a license extension from CloudAction, then if the customer is not planning on using the ActionHub uninstall Action. 

    Explanation: This problem is the result of a Salesforce update July 11th 2018 there was no change made to the BMC Remedyforce or the CloudAction ActionHub code. Salesforce is actively working to resovle the issue.


    Steps to Uninstall ActionHub:
    1. Go to Setup Menu
    2. On the quick find type "Installed Packages"
    3. Click on Installed Packages and look for ActionHub
    4. On ActionHub click "Uninstall"
    5. Scroll down and check "Yes, I Want to Uninstall..."
    6. Click Uninstall
    7. It will take couple of minutes you will get an email when the process is done
    8. Test the attachments

    NOTE: Customer must uninstall ActionHub, BMC Support cannot uninstall ActionHub.  To uninstall have the ActionHub license extended then uninstall ActionHub

    Enable Salesforce Files:
    1. Click Remedyforce Administration
    2. Click Application Settings
    3. Click General Application Settings
    4. Tick Enable "Upload attachments as Salesforce Files" | Click Save
    5. Verify users are able to upload files from the Remedyforce Console Detail section of the form.

    NOTE: This workaround it will upload the file as a Salesforce files instead of an attachment and doesn't change access to the file. It just makes the file available to share and manage beyond the specific record.

    Use the Activity Feed:
    1. Open an existing Incident in the Remedyforce Console
    2. Click Activity Feed
    3. Click the PaperClip icon
    4. Add attachments.
    5. Verify the attachment is added via the Activity Feed.

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