Reports 918.ctmai

Version 2
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    Short description: Reports 918 job type

    This AI is a job type for running CTM Reports on version 9.18. this AI provides an alternative to running OS job types for Reporting job types and provides an easily identifiable job type for Control-M Reports.


    Detailed description

    • With 9.18 Control-M Reports can be executed in the following methods
    • Manually, by creating a report and generating it within Control-M Reports
    • Running existing reports using the Control-M Automation APi (AAPI) using the ctm reporting report::get <ReportName> <format – pdf|csv> -o <output location
      • Example: ctm reporting report::get ActiveJobsReport1 pdf -o C:\Reports\ActiveJobsReport.pdf
    • Create an OS job type with the AAPI command syntax above and run it from within Control-M.


    Compatibility: Control-M 9.18 | Control-M Reports

    Application version: 9.18

    Platforms: Tested on Windows. Should be able to run on any supported OS type for Control-M Reports


    Additional optional information

    1. Pre-requisites: OOB the Control-M for Reporting Job type from older versions is still in the job palette. Please open ToolsàTemplates and unpin the Control-M for Reporting job type from the palette before importing/deploying the new Reports 918 job type to your system.
    2. You should have nodejs and AAPI installed and configured to point to an instance of Control-M

    Installation instructions for installing AAPI on Windows or Linux OS can be found here: Installation - Documentation for Control-M Automation API - BMC Documentation



    Report(s) must be created in Control-M Reports prior to defining a Reporting918 job type. Report name should not contain spaces.


    Application logo:


    Benefits: Running the jobs as a Control-M job type allows you to pass variables to the job. For instance, the output file can contain variables to date/timestamp the file for daily/weekly runs.




    Job Type Parameters and Information:

    No Connection Profile is needed.

    Report Template – Name of the Report as seen in Control-M Reports

    Report Type – pdf, csv

    Report Destination – File system location for storing reports. Must end with a trailing \ for Windows based platforms

    Report Name – Name of the report as it should be saved to the Destination. This value can contain Control-M system or user defined variables



    Figure 1- Audit Report as Defined in Control-M Reports

    Figure 2- Report Type Job Definition Example


    Job type author details: James Channell BMC Software Sr. Solutions Engineer