How to Use Skip Remedyforce trigger execution (Skip RF Trigger Execution) in Process Builder

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    How to Use Skip Remedyforce trigger execution (Skip RF Trigger Execution) in Process Builder


    How to use the Remedyforce Skip Trigger Execution in Process Builder:

    How to use the flag.  Let us consider the following examples to understand how the Skip RF Trigger Execution field works when used with process builders.

    Example 1

    1. Agreement: Service= Email Service ; SLT Qualification: Category=Hardware
    2. Incident template: INC1 (Category=Hardware,
    3. Workflow#1: [Rule Criteria: Category=Applications; Workflow Action: Apply template: INC1]
    4. Process Builder#1:
    Criteria: Category=Hardware
    Immediate Actions: Service=Email Service

    1. Create an Incident with Category=Applications.
    2. Template INC1 will get applied to the Incident which will change the Category to Hardware.
    3. Now Process Builder#1 kicks-in, sets Service field to Email Service and SLA is applied.

    Result: If the Skip RF Trigger Execution field is added to the Process Builder#1 and is set to TRUE, then Remedyforce trigger execution is ignored.

    Example 2

    Let us consider a complex example where the user encounters a SOQL 101 error.

    1. Create following Incident templates:
    Temp1 (Client:, Category: Hardware, Impact=HIGH, Urgency=HIGH, Service=BS1)
    Temp2 (Service=BS2, Urgency=MEDIUM)
    Temp3 (Urgency=HIGH)
    2. Create following Request Definition:
    SR1 (Service=BS1, Incident template=Temp1)
    3. Create following Agreement:
    SLA1 (Service: BS1, SLT qualification: Impact=HIGH, Urgency=HIGH)
    4. Create these Workflows:
    WF1 (Rule criteria: Urgency=HIGH, Workflow Action: Field Update=Template Name (Temp2)
    WF2 (Rule criteria: Impact=LOW, Workflow Action: Field Update=Template Name (Temp3)
    5. Create and add a custom field of Text type to Service Request form.
    6. Create following Process Builders:
    PB1: (Criteria: Urgency=MEDIUM, Action: Impact=LOW)
    PB2: (Criteria: Impact=LOW, Action: Urgency =LOW)
    PB3: (Criteria: Impact=LOW, Text1 (custom text field) =Updated by PB3)


    Create a Service Request by selecting template SR1.

    Result: The service Request is not created and results in too many SOQL queries: 101 error.

    To avoid SOQL 101 error: Create a clone of PB1 add the Skip RF Trigger Execution field in the action of the Process Builder and set it to TRUE. Now create a Service Request using the template SR1, which is successfully created. Adding the field skips the Remedyforce trigger execution.

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