Unable to login to Smart IT - "MOBILITY_ERROR_CLIENT_NOT_SUPPORTED","errorCode":1008

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Getting the below error when trying to login to Smart IT.

    01:08:14.559 | | RID: 85 | ERROR | c.b.b.myit.restapi.LoginResource | Login failed for user with loginId test. Do logout for this user.
    01:08:14.559 |  | RID: 85 | ERROR | c.b.b.m.r.p.MobilityExceptionMapperProvider |
    com.bmc.bsm.mobile.errorhandling.MobilityException: {"error":"MOBILITY_ERROR_CLIENT_NOT_SUPPORTED","errorCode":1008,"defaultMessage":"Invalid Client: This app is not compatible with the BMC MyIT server. Please contact your administrator.","additionalMessage":"Cannot find the data store configured for your app=MyIT-ITSM, appId=000000000000228, tenantId=000000000000001.","detailMessage":null,"ARConnectionProblem":false}


    Login via Mid-Tier and Go to Application > BMC MyIT Administration >Applications -> MyIT-ITSM and the data store is disabled.


    Enable the data store and then restart Smart IT service.


    However , user was still not able to login and received below error.

    com.bmc.bsm.mobile.errorhandling.MobilityException: {"error":"MOBILITY_ERROR_LOGIN","errorCode":1006,"defaultMessage":"Incorrect username or password.","additionalMessage":"Authentication failed","detailMessage":"ERROR (623): Authentication failed; Incorrect username or password","ARConnectionProblem":false}

    -Go to MyIT Administration Console -> Persistent Data Stores, Select
    the same data store as you selected for MyIT-ITSM above , Re-Type the Application Service Password , Save.

    application service password

    -Restart the SmartIT service.


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