ADDM/Discovery:  Appliance hung during TKU update

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    BMC Discovery


    While applying the June 2018 TKU, the Appliance UI hangs with the message "Knowledge Upload"


    Vault Service not running


    From the appliance cli, performing:

    sudo /sbin/service tideway status

    Shows that the vault service is stopped, and the vault log and .out file show no apparent problems, but have not been updated.

    To solve this problem, as the tideway user from the appliance cli, stop all services applicable for your version of Discovery, for instance:

    sudo /sbin/service tideway stop
    sudo /sbin/service cluster stop
    sudo /sbin/service omniNames stop
    sudo /sbin/service appliance stop

    Then check for zombies with the command:

    ps -ef | grep python

    Kill the zombies with the command

    kill -9 <zombie_pid>

    Then restart services in the opposite order, for example:

    sudo /sbin/service appliance start
    sudo /sbin/service omniNames start
    sudo /sbin/service cluster start
    sudo /sbin/service tideway start

    You should now be able to access the UI in it's regular state.

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