TSPS/TSIM 11.3.01 installation or upgrade will not proceed stating 32GB RAM is required - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Installation


    11.3.01 TSPS and TSIM


    TSPS or TSIM 11.3.01 installation/upgrade can be performed on a system that meet the requirements mentioned in links below:

    Here for TSPS:

    And here for TSIM:     

    The installer states it requires 32Gb RAM otherwise will not continue. 



    Both TSPS/TSIM 11.3.01 installation/upgrade have a system requirements verification based on a LARGE setup


    For a system that is not counted as LARGE, run the installer with additional flag:

      -J MINIMAL=true
    This is documented here for TSPS:     
    And here for TSIM:  



    Ensure that the following system requirements are met. If your target computer does not meet these requirements, you cannot proceed with the installation. However, in a test environment, you can skip the system requirements validation and run the installer by using the -J MINIMAL=true argument.

    • Total RAM (in MB): 32,000
    • Available RAM (in MB): 25,000
    • Total swap space / page file (in MB): 8,000
    • Available swap space / page file (in MB): 8,000
    Be aware that after installation you will have to tweak a configuration file to skip the check when your system is not LARGE also, otherwise you have to use a force flag on each restart.   
    This is documented here for both TSPS and TSIM:  


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