SVT build message includes No Entries found to delete from SLM:RuleFilterRegistration form

Version 4
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    BMC Service Level Management


    BMC Service Level Management 8,9.x



    Problem Summary: While building Service Targets, below error appears in SVT Administration TAB

    Error Message
     Start Create-Rule Processing ...
     Command: "Create-Rule"; form "SLM:RuleDefinition"; guid: "AGGAA5V0GAY1NAML0A8LFKC059SUV3"; EntryIdString "000000000000367"
     Looking up events, conds & actions for rule "SLM00124_1010_Incident 50% Milestone_BR"

     Interpreting Rule: SLM00124_1010_Incident 50% Milestone_BR
     Building filters on form: HPD:Help Desk
     Condition Guid is: AGGAA5V0GAY1NAML0A8LFKC0BXSUUY
     Execution order for rule : 700

     Event Processing ...
     Completed processing Data Event (ProcessDataEvent) : SLM00124_1010_Milestone_DE

     Condition Processing ...
     Processing Condition : SLM00124_1010_ExecuteIf_Condition.
     Completed processing condition : SLM00124_1010_ExecuteIf_Condition
     returning 0
     Condition : ('Status' < "Resolved") AND '300425300' = "SLGAA5V0GAY1NAMKZM7FJJTFA6ZAO3"

     Action Processing ...
     SrcObj: ; RefObj:SL001143D417CBsXFOQwuS6MAgFscA ; DestObj:SLM_MILESTONELOGGING
     Processing Push Fields Action : SLM00124_SLGAA5V0GAY1NAMKZM7FJJTFA6ZAO3_MSLog_SVA.
     Completed processing Set values Action : SLM00124_SLGAA5V0GAY1NAMKZM7FJJTFA6ZAO3_MSLog_SVA.
     Error: Could not find a Set Values action corresponding to GUID SLGAA5V0GAY1NAMLI7YQE3YYKTKQ7B for form "SLM:RuleActionSetValue" with qual ('179' = "SLGAA5V0GAY1NAMLI7YQE3YYKTKQ7B")
     Act::ProcActSeq: Error: An Action in the Action sequence "SLM00124_1010_ActionSeq" could not be processed on item "SLGAA5V0GAY1NAMLI7YQE3YYKTKQ7B". Aborting Rule interpretation..
     Error interpreting rule - Process Action returned an error
     Rule implementation being deleted because rule is deactivated or invalidated
     Workflow::Delete - Delete using Name in SLM:RuleDefinition

     ruleName: SLM00124_1010_Incident 50% Milestone_BR
     Workflow::DeleteRuleFilRegAndFilAssocAndWorkflow - Delete entries with qualification = "'490003300' LIKE "%SLM00124_1010_Incident 50% Milestone_BR%""
     Workflow::DeleteRuleFilRegAndFilAssocAndWorkflow - No Entries found to delete from SLM:RuleFilterRegistration form
     Rule implementation deleted, filters removed from server ..





    Below steps can be used as workaround.

    1)Open the Service target as though to edit it and then completely remove the milestone
    2) save and build the service target without a milestone and verify that it builds successfully
    3) Open the service target again and add a new milestone and save and build the service target
    4) Confirm that it is built successfully this time.

    Note* If this issue occurs for all SVT, contact BMC Support for further troubleshooting.


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