Oracle Solaris Server Discovery: getIPAddresses and getNetworkInterfaces are failing

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.2


    BMC Discovery 11.2


    While discovering Oracle Solaris Server, the methods getIPAddresses and getNetworkInterfaces are failing with error NoAccessMethod, however the Discovery and Session Log shows the output of both these methods and its commands.

    The Discovery Log contains an entry such as this:

    queryNetworkInterfaces(): Trying command 'interface_commands'
    executeCommand: Command return results
    output '\r\nbegin ifconfig:\r\nsys-root0: <command output>
    tw_report: command not found
    queryNetworkInterfaces(): No scripts returned data status = FAILURE
    All access methods exhausted - NoAccessMethod() status = FAILURE

    Additionally the commands for these methods can be executed manually on target server (as the discovery user) to succession - indicating no underlying permission issue. 


    Defect -> DRUD1-23385


    The behaviour in question manifests itself as a result of BMC Discovery not being able to parse the command output for getNetworkInterfaces() and getIPAddresses().

    Defect DRUD1-23385 has been registered to address this issue. 

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