AR System : Operation cancelled due to error (ARAPPERR 4502)

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    If you're noticing a ARERR 4502 (it may also be presented as a ARAPPERR 4502) in your logs, this is a generic error message meaning "The command could not be performed due to a unspecified error".  Remedy Administrators often notice this in the arerror.log although it can be in other logs.  Often times this error will not be predictable and will "come and go" as the system enters certain unspecified states.  Here is a example from a log where the Dispatcher was throwing this error:

    Sun Jul 19 01:30:08 2020  Dispatch : Operation cancelled due to error (ARAPPERR 4502)
    In this example there was also another line just below it like this:  
    Sun Jul 19 01:30:08 2020     Error code: 2 - Ignoring command:  - Entry id: 000000001441460 - Pending status. 3
    It is important to collect as many logs as possible and be as observant as possible in this situation as you'll be troubleshooting an error that isn't particularly easy to diagnose - as there are no direct errors to indicate the core of the issue. 

    If you only see this appear occasionally, then this error can be dismissed.  If this is filling up your logs constantly, or causing other side effects, then you should investigate this further and determine the root cause. 

    Some more severe symptoms that customers have seen include increased memory usage and performance degradation. 

    NOTE: It has been known the SLM Collector itself will produce this error occasionally.  The SLM Collector is no longer supported by BMC and the last release was for 9.1.04.  You can learn more about the SLM Collector at the link below:



    There is no one cause for a 4502 error. This can be something as simple as 2 servers assuming the same operation (like the SLM Collector), or it can be a more complex workflow issue.


    While the 4502 error is not exclusive to the AR System Dispatcher, it is often seen with the C Plugin's in AR Server 9.1 and above.  To better troubleshoot this please enable the following logs:

    1. API+Filter+ESC+SQL  Remedy - Server - How to enable a combined log in AR Server when being requested by BMC Support?
    3. C Plugin Debug logs  Setting log files options - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation
    5. Dispatcher Debug logs  Remedy - Server - How to enable the AR System Dispatcher log (All versions)
    Once these logs have been enabled, wait for the error to reproduce itself again.  It might be best to increase the log file history to ensure that you're able to capture enough of the logs so you don't lose information. 

    A part of troubleshooting this error is observing other logs as well.  As mentioned above, the example given shows the Dispatcher throwing a error, but also shows another line saying it was going to ignore a command for Entry ID 000000001441460.  As it turns out in this exact example, there was a custom escalation that was calling a old function that was sending a signal to the AR System Dispatcher to signal Approval Server.  Since this was a 20.02 system, this is no longer handled by the Dispatcher and is instead handled by JMS signaling.  In this example the error can be ignored or the workflow can be updated to newer protocols. 

    NOTE: If you find that the SLM Collector is at the root of this issue, please disable the SLM Collector plugin by commenting it out in the armonitor.cfg(conf) file.  Here is a example of a armonitor entry for the SLM Collector plugin:
    "E:\BMC\BMCServiceLevelManagement\bin\slmcollsvc.exe" -d "E:\BMC\ARSystem" -m -c


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